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"Out of the box" installation -

  Fast deployment  >>

Easy integration with any

smart city cloud based solution >>

24/7 continuous  WiFi communication

with luminaire >>

Smart Lighting - each luminaire

has independent dimmimg schedule and logic >>

Standard Wi-Fi lighting solution -

essential IoT infrastucure to smart city applications  >>

The only Wi-Fi PLUG & LIGHT controlled lighting platform

Metro Control Ltd., a subsidiary of Gaash Lighting, was established to handle marketing, sales, support and project execution worldwide.





An innovative PLUG & LIGHT smart luminaire that has the potential to become the heart and soul of the smart city. The Apollo will save energy, reduce maintenance and lower the cities lighting costs.



Introducing Apollo, a standard Wi-Fi communication, Plug & Light, smart LED luminaire. Apollo individually manages and monitors lighting intensity and performance, and turns the city into one connected whole.



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