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The only Wi-Fi PLUG & LIGHT controlled lighting platform

The Apollo is an innovative PLUG & LIGHT smart luminaire that has the potential to become the heart and soul of the smart city.

Apollo’s clean and modern design, based on high quality aluminum, gives the city a modern, high tech look & feel. The luminaire offers an IP65 protected space for additional devices (sensors, cameras, communication equipment).

Equipped with the most advanced and efficient components available, Apollo is the most cost-effective street light solution today.

The Apollo luminaires are available in various sizes and light intensities, providing flexible solutions for all types of urban environments.

Each "off the shelf" Apollo luminaire comes with a built-in communication device, making it smart city-ready. Immediately after installing the luminaire, communication with the device is activated via a dedicated smartphone app. Upon activation, the luminaire can be monitored and controlled from the cloud-based city control center.

The built-in battery, with a generous 20 year lifespan, guarantees 24/7 nonstop communication between the control center and the luminaire.

Apollo's communication solution is based on patented technology that uses a standard Wi-Fi connection. This makes the integration with any existing communication infrastructure safe and very easy.

The embedded power meter is accurate and versatile: it tracks consumption and performance 24/7, and enables automatic billing.

Modern cities are facing many different challenges. Apollo uses the most advanced lighting and networking technologies in order to provide a complete solution to these challenges: