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Main Features

Lighting and IT Technology:

Most advanced technologies in the fields of lighting, photometry, IT and networking.

Standard Wi-Fi Communication:

Built on standard Wi-Fi 2.4G communication between nodes. Our Wi-Fi includes Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) which allows safe and secured communication.  

WILD (Wi-Fi Long Distance):

Our special patented antenna allows high distance communication (up tp 800 meters).

24/7 Grid Power Switching:

The Apollo is connected to the power grid 24/7. The smart node will operate the light based on schedules and/or local logic. Providing continuous power will allow power supply to other smart city sensors and devices.

Embedded Class I Power Meter:

Each node includes an accurate power meter that may be used for billing and energy management and efficiency.

OFF Power Communication:

Provides Ethernet or cellular GPRS communication to connect with the operation center.


Standalone Operation:

Real time clock, scheduling and astronomic clock operation in each Apollo, photocell smart operation.

Cloud connectivity activation:

Each Apollo can be activated to be monitored and controlled via the cloud. Connectivity to the cloud is done just by activating the node in what we call “Plug & Light”.


Wide range (35W-180W) Line of Product:

Same look-and-feel for all Apollo luminaries.

Modular design.


Highest Reliability:

Built to last; 5 years standard limited warranty.


Smart city enabled:

Once installed and activated each one of the luminaries may become a smart node and deliver CCTV signals, smart sensing, Electronic Car charger or smart meter.


Built-in smart-phone operation:

Out of the box smart phone Apollo Activation.