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Technical Data

A cutting-edge street luminaire, with a modern design based on modular elements allowing adaption to a variety of intensities and heights.

Body: Cast aluminum with an anticorrosion protection coating and a heat cured polyester paint finish. Ingress protection rate of IP 66.

Shielding /Lenses: ME/AR/T3/T2 lens. Can be ordered with a variety of optics compatible with CE0-CE5, ME1-ME6 and S1-S6 scenarios.

Optical system:  A system of high efficiency PAMA lenses, sealed with silicone sealant, especially tailored for street lighting, with an ingress protection rate of IP66.

Light source: High efficiency LED module with a color accuracy of CRI 70 and color temp of 3,000K or 4,000K. Can be ordered at various levels of luminous efficacy for energy saving purposes.

Equipment: Can be ordered with a variety of command and control options, including wireless, automatic control combined with detectors and auxiliary means, and with a DC power input.

Installation: Can be installed on a post or on an arm, with an upward or downward horizontal tilt of up to 15 degrees.